Syniti Gives Back

At Syniti, we are built for stewardship - and not just for data. We are stewards of each other's careers, our livelihoods, our communities, and ultimately, the planet. 

Here's a look at how we live that philosophy every day.

  • Syniti team members working together to load boxes during volunteer event

    Volunteer Time Off

    Our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy grants all employees around the world paid time off from regularly scheduled work hours to perform volunteer services. Support a registered nonprofit of your choice, or one of Syniti’s sponsored and supported volunteer events in communities around the world.

Syniti Forest

The Syniti Forest is a global initiative to plant trees for every successful Go Live and new Syniti colleague that joins the team. In nature areas designated in each region we operate, a Syniti Forest is growing literally from the ground up.

Learn more about our Syniti Forest